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Want to save pure rainwater to naturally water your garden ... and get it shipped for free*? The Oatey Mystic Rainwater Collection System takes rainwater from your gutter and drain spouts and helps divert into a rain collection barrel such as our Used Oak Wine Barrel. This simple two piece design makes it easy and includes a durable, UV-resistant material that fits and simply installs on any standard two to three inch downspout. The Mystic includes a four foot long high-flow hose that connects the diverter to the rain barrel. You can paint it to match the downspout color, plus the great news is the Mystic sets up in about five minutes.

And why are you doing this? Collecting and re-using rainwater from gutters and downspouts for lawns and gardens minimizes the amount of water flowing into your storm drains, sewer systems and local waterways. Plants and microbes underground prefer rainwaterbecause it is naturally soft and free of chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals that are typically found in treated water. Also, millions of pounds of pesticides are applied to lawns each year, which in turn can contaminate storm water runoff. This minimizes and eases the runoff problem because these chemicals are one of the primary sources of pollution in our waterways. Rainwater collection minimizes this runoff, reducing the flow of harmful pollutants into local waterways.  

Rainwater collection and conservation is gaining momentum in popularity among gardeners, concerned citizens and even government entities - so join the effort and enjoy some natural water, the way nature intended. And don't forget to order one of our full oak barrels!

By the way, read more (click here) on wine barrels as rain barrels along with a lot of information on setting up a rainwater collection system.

Mystic Rainwater Collection System

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  • Mystic Rainwater Collection System by Oatey

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