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Did You Know Zinfandel can create medical advantages for your health?

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

grapes on the vine
Zinfandel grapes

The black grape Zinfandel, one of the more common varieties in California, along with Italy and Croatia where the grape was likely first discovered, is very good for your health. Studies have discovered a wide range of advantages to your well-being.

It’s been argued that the darker the grape, the better it is for you, but regardless, studies have shown over-and-over that Zinfandel is great for your heart. More specifically, the black grapes offer protection against heart attacks and vascular disease. Other benefits are better eyesight due to increased levels of carotenoids along with helping brain functions and reducing migraines. Zinfandel has high levels of vitamin A, C and K which helps with healthier skin and hair – very important to know for the head honcho’s here at Paso Wine Barrels.

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