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Each of these authentic and very rare willow bands are unique and have their own patina and character. Some are more worn than others, but they all have a dark reddish tone. 

Having recently come from wineries throughout California, our wooden hoop bands are reclaimed from genuine used wine barrels and essentially did the same as their metal bretheren, holding oak wine staves together as a barrel.

There are numerous expressive, artistic and fun ideas that can be made out of these inimitable wood bands.

The price is for one band and we usually ship within two days of purchase and takes no longer than five days to arrive at your doorstep.

We don't take requests for specific sizes on this item as it takes too long to accommodate.

Every sale is for one band, but you can order as many as you want.

Authentic Willow Wine Barrel Hoop Band

SKU: 364615379135192
$69.00 Regular Price
$37.95Sale Price
  • Authentic RARE Willow wine barrel hoop band - FREE SHIPPING!* 

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