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Custom-cut from 6" to 18" tall

Beautiful in their own right with stains and character marks that can stay the way they are or use your imagination to recraft into literally anything. Like their decorative brethren, these old used wine barrels are individually unique with a one-of-kind look.


Approximately 6" to 18" tall and 28 inches wide, these were originally part of a 58-60 gallon wine barrel and come from the California Central Coast. We clean dirt and debris off of each barrel inside and out. However, if your lucky, you'll receive a barrel that has a great wiff of wine - ahhh, you can smell the fragrance and aroma of wine already.


We also, sand the top cut edges to give you a smooth surface ... something you'll never find in the box-stores.

Custom-cut - Used Half Barrel - 6-18"

SKU: 364315376135198
  • Custom-cut used wine barrel from 6" to 18" tall.

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