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**Paso Wine Barrels Original EOs Wine Stave!!**

This is THE original essential oil wine stave!  As fans and users of essential oils and living in wine country, we thought it would be nice to display our oils using a wine stave - thus, the EOs wine stave was born.  After showing off the stave to friends we soon had people wanting one of their own.  This holder displays eleven 15mL bottles.


Beautiful in their own right with stains and character marks that offer an original patina that is special, this vintage used wine barrel stave is individually unique with a one-of-kind look. They’re approximately 37 inches long and 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches wide and as all typical staves, come from 58-60 gallon wine barrels, making them approximately one inch thick.


We clean dirt and debris off of each stave, add the needed holes from the essential oil bottles, put a coat of varathane on to give it added life, but otherwise is in its original form - handmade and one-off. If you’re lucky, you might receive a little whiff of wine - ahhh, you can smell the fragrance and aroma of wine and wine country already … and of course the essential oils.


Go here for ideas on what to do with genuine wine barrel staves: Wine Barrel Stave Ideas


Essential Oil bottles are NOT included.  To order essential oils click here.

The Original Essential Oil Wine Stave

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$70.00 Regular Price
$38.50Sale Price
  • Uniquely attractive used wine barrel stave essential oils bottle holder - holds 11 bottles.  Makes a beautiful display at home, office or at classes and vendor events.  

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