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Rare Extra Wide Stave 
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Beautiful in their own right with stains and character marks that can stay the way they are or use your imagination to recraft into literally anything. Because a wine barrel has only one bung hole, these staves are much more rare than their other counterparts. These rare extra large vintage used wine barrel staves are individually unique with a one-of-kind look. Since not every barrel has them, they are the most rare of all sizes. 

They’re approximately 34 to 38 inches long and roughly 4 to 5 inches wide and as all typical staves from 58-60 gallon wine barrels, they're one inch thick.These are in their original distressed form. If your lucky, you might receive a little wiff of wine - ahhh, you can smell the fragrance and aroma of wine and wine country already.

Go here for ideas on what to do with genuine wine barrel staves: Wine Barrel Stave Ideas

Extra Wide Used Wine Barrel Stave

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  • The staves pictured are not necessarily the exact stave you will receive, but will resemble and have a similar likeness. No two staves are alike and each stave has its own personality.  As such, each will look slightly different from another.

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