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Wine barrel staves are very popular now and this is the perfect holder for your coats, jackets, hat, caps, ties or anything else you need to hang up. Each has three brand new two-pronged brass hooks.  


Beautiful in their own right with stains and character marks that offer an original patina that is special, we only lightly sand the staves, while showing an individually unique one-of-kind look.


Choose Natural or Decorative:

"Natural" racks are sanded and varathaned so that all the bandlines and patina of the oak are clearly visible for very distinctive look.  

"Decorative" racks are sanded, stained and then varathaned.  The stain gives the wood a beautiful deep, rich look.  


They’re approximately 37 inches long and 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches wide and as all typical staves, come from 58-60 gallon wine barrels, making them approximately one inch thick. 

These distinctive racks are otherwise in its original form - handmade and one-off. 


Go here for ideas on what to do with genuine used wine barrel staves: 
Wine Barrel Stave Ideas



Hat & Coat Rack w/Brass Hooks - Natural or Decorative

SKU: 364415387135205
$77.00 Regular Price
$42.35Sale Price
  • Exclusive from Paso Wine Barrels - used wine barrel stave coat/hat rack - handmade on the California Central Coast with natural finish and brass hooks.

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