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Exclusive, handmade - each item is one-of-a-kind!


This unique wine barrelhead cap has been repurposed into a Lazy Susan. Roughly, they are between 21" and 24" in diameter and as with most barrel caps, roughly an inch thick. Attached to the bottom is Lazy Susan hardware attached to two barrelhead supports - all reclaimed from a wine barrel. The white oak barrels come from California wine country. Rustic in nature, these oak barrel heads are examples, but may not be the exact same used cap you will receive; as every used wine barrel is different from one another, including a multitude of patina. They are lightly sanded, stain sealed and varathane was applied to give the wood a nice sheen. Note that a barrelhead is slats of wood on each end of a wine barrel and there might be slight curves or indentations - we don't alter these pieces at all, though we do try to offer the more even and straight barrelheads. Also note this sale is for one used wine barrelhead made into a Lazy Susan and comes with free shipping. You may not receive the exact same barrelhead as the ones in the pictures.

Natural Used Wine Barrel Head As Lazy Susan - FREE SHIPPING!

$170.00 Regular Price
$125.00Sale Price
  • Exclusive from Paso Wine Barrels - used wine barrel cap made into lazy susan - handmade on the California Central Coast with a lightly stained finish.

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