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Want to conserve by saving healthy rainwater for your garden and lawn? Shipped freight free, this is the most complete kit we could find on the market. It offers a modern solution to grandma’s old-fashioned rain barrel problems.  How so?

Rain Reserve is easy to install and maintain with an adaptable diverter to any 2"x3" or 3"x4" downspout. The kit works in tandem with a rain barrel such as one our full wine barrels. The Rain Reserve system attaches to your downspout and diverts rainwater from your gutter system into the rain barrel while allowing leaves and other large debris to pass through the diverter and out the downspout. The system is closed so as not to allow for pest such as mosquitos to be a problem. The result is naturally soft rainwater available and ready whenever you need it to water gardens, lawns, trees, houseplants or for other non-potable uses.

The Rain Reserve kit creates a piece of mind for the users with a closed system with no access to outside contaminants - there's no need for harmful additives. A nice feature is the sytem channels water back into the downspout when container is full, which dooesn't allow for erosion, mud or dampness around your foundation. You can place the wine barrel at at a location away from the downspout for your convenience or for appearance sake.  You can go to this YouTube video to see how the system works (31 seconds).  

You're saving water, money and providing chemical-free rainwater for lawn/garden, while being environmentally thoughtful. Again, this Rain Reserve system is complete with everything you need to create a sealed and safe rainwater collection system. And as a side bonus, you will receive a hole saw included in the packaging.  And note the Rain Reserve kit has free shipping.

What are you waiting for? Natural rainwater is at your disposal. Don't forget to order one of our wine barrels to use as a rain barrel.

By the way, read more (click here) on wine barrels as rain barrels along with a lot of information on setting up a rainwater collection system.

Rain Reserve - Complete Barrel Diverter Kit

SKU: 415025485036617
  • Rain barrel complete diverter kit by Rain Reserve

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