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Available only to those in California*!


We offer a reduced price to those in California* - because we have a regional shipper who can deliver quickly and for less than any other freight operator in the state. We have, in turn, passed the savings on to our fellow Californians if you have a shipping to address here in California.

The barrels are still the beautiful used wine barrels we sell nationally. Again, like the other barrels, these have stains and character marks that can remain as is or use your imagination to recraft into literally anything. Like their decorative brethren these old used wine barrels are individually unique with a one-of-kind look. They’re approximately 3 feet tall and 27 inches wide. These were originally 58-60 gallon wine barrels and come from the California Central Coast. 

*If you live in the Western U.S., we may be able to offer this same special - contact us to find out if you qualify.

Used Oak Wine Barrel - FREE Shipping to California!

SKU: 364215375135192
$347.00 Regular Price
$260.25Sale Price
  • Rustic used wine barrel from the California Central Coast wine country!!

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