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These decorative-type half wine barrel containers made into garden hose holders are created from genuine oak wine barrels. We sand, stain and seal them, plus they have a coat of varnish to add an extra luster. They're approximately a foot-and-a-half tall and roughly 28 inches wide. 

So as not to create deterioration issues, these barrels are intelligently crafted with our own newly designed double bottoms which are self-draining due to openings strategically placed in the bottom, allowing for release of moisture. Garden hoses up to 100 feet can easily be rolled up inside for a clean look to any yard or patio. FREE SHIPPING!

UPDATED! Now has removable false bottom allowing multiple options.

Note that these can be used as planter barrels with an extra bottom built in so you don't have to add rocks!

Wine Barrel Hose Container - Natural Bands

SKU: 364315376135192
$750.00 Regular Price
$412.50Sale Price
  • Decorative Wine Barrel Hose Container With Natural Bands - Free Shipping!*


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